Announcement from Matthew Vita:

We are thrilled to announce that Chuck Culpepper will be joining Sports to cover national college football. Chuck is one of the smartest, most thoughtful and most graceful writers in sports journalism today, and we are very excited that he will be putting those talents to use covering one of the most popular topics on the national sports landscape. In a distinguished, peripatetic career, Chuck has reported from dozens of countries on such wide-ranging topics as camel racing in the United Arab Emirates, soccer in Rwanda, sailing in South Africa, cricket in India and kiteboarding in the Middle East. He’s been based in London for the Los Angeles Times, Abu Dhabi for The National and, most recently, in New York for Sports on Earth.

Despite many of those more exotic locales and subjects, Chuck remains a keen student and observer of college football, which he first covered as a staff writer and columnist for the National Sports Daily and the Lexington Herald-Leader. He’s full of ideas about providing the Post’s readers with innovative and distinctive coverage of the sport, and we are already talking with him about developing regular digital fixtures to help establish and build his online audience. We are doing this even as we look forward to working with him on enterprise pieces that we expect will be some of the most noteworthy in the country.

Chuck’s first day is next Monday, Sept. 8.