Announcement from Cameron Barr, Scott Wilson, Peter Finn, and Jason Ukman:

We are delighted to announce that Carol Morello will become our new diplomatic correspondent, succeeding Anne Gearan, who is moving to the politics staff.

Carol joined The Washington Post in 2000 after 14 years at The Philadelphia Inquirer, many of them overseas. She frequently parachuted into Central America, Cuba and Mexico and split her time between Israel and the Arab world as a Cairo-based Middle East correspondent. She took a hydrofoil into Beirut as the Syrians shelled the city. She covered the Oslo Accords during that pinprick of time when it looked like there might be a chance for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. She went to Somalia before the Marines landed, and managed to find a few stories that absolutely had to be written out of Italy.

At The Post, Carol worked as a reporter on the Virginia desk and an assistant city editor before returning to reporting to write about demographics. Two years ago, she reported from the Turkish border as refugees began to flee the Syrian civil war. She has gone to Ukraine three times this year, and was in Crimea in March when Vladimir Putin suddenly declared it part of Russia.

Carol will take up her new responsibilities on Sept. 22. Please join us in congratulating her.