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Carlos Lozada to be The Post’s new nonfiction book critic

Announcement from Martin Baron, Executive Editor, and Kevin Merida, Managing Editor:

We are delighted to announce that, after a stellar five-year run as editor of Outlook, Carlos Lozada will become The Post’s new nonfiction book critic, writing regular weekly reviews and contributing to online coverage of nonfiction books and long-form nonfiction.

From his perch in Outlook, Carlos has already established himself as a fresh voice in Post criticism, writing everything from essays on book-title trends (“The end of everything”) to reviews of high-profile books on politics, foreign policy, economics and culture, such as Mark Leibovich’s “This Town,” or William Deresiewicz’s “Excellent Sheep.”

This summer, Carlos developed a detailed proposal on how to reimagine the role of the nonfiction book critic for a digital age – and proceeded to pitch himself for the role. He had a great idea, and we agreed that he’d be perfect for it.

Carlos, a native of Lima, Peru, is a graduate of Notre Dame and Princeton, and before joining The Post in 2005, was managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine. In addition to writing reviews each week, Carlos will be a constant presence on our various platforms and on a new blog devoted to nonfiction books and other long-form works. For nine years as economics editor, national security editor and Outlook editor, Carlos has earned a reputation as one of the newsroom’s most creative minds. He is excited to focus on his own work full time – and we know readers will embrace that work and seek him out in print and online.

Carlos will begin this new role by the end of the year. We will immediately launch the search for a new Outlook editor. Under Carlos’s leadership, Outlook has been a must-read destination for essays, opinions and analysis on politics, sports, sex, war, money and popular culture. We hope to build on that legacy even as we find new ways to innovate and experiment.

Please join us in thanking Carlos for his masterful work with Outlook and congratulating him on his new adventure.