Steve Hills, President and General Manager of The Washington Post, sent the following note to all Post employees:

I regret to announce that Usha Chaudhary is stepping down as VP, Finance & Administration/CFO of The Washington Post to become the SVP, CFO & Treasurer for The Pew Charitable Trusts. Usha’s last day with The Post is Friday, November 21.

Usha joined The Post in November of 2008, just as the nation and world were descending into recession. Since that time, Usha’s impact on the organization has been visible and far-reaching. She led efforts to dramatically reduce our cost structure, helping us successfully eliminate $200M of operating expenses over six years. Using a disciplined approach to performance management, she streamlined our financial operations, combining the print and digital finance teams. More recently, Usha led the effort to close the sale of The Washington Post to Jeff Bezos in late 2013, and has provided a calm and steady hand in leading our relocation efforts.

In sharing this news with us, Usha said, “I will miss this great organization in many respects … my colleagues and excellent staff, and the legacy and values of The Post.” We will miss Usha too. She brought focus, discipline, and metrics to every task, and helped the company through an unprecedented period of difficulty. Please join me in thanking Usha for her service and in wishing her well in her new role.

A search for Usha’s successor begins immediately. In the interim, Damien Brouillard has agreed to lead the finance and treasury aspects of Usha’s organization, while Cindy Fisher will lead operations and space planning. Damien and Cindy are experienced and highly capable leaders in their own right, and I sincerely appreciate their willingness to help during this transition.