Announcement from Executive Editor Martin Baron:

I am pleased to announce that Tracy Grant has been named a deputy managing editor, effective immediately.

Tracy has been critical to our growth and success as we have hired about 100 people into the newsroom this year. As senior editor for recruitment and development, she has worked closely with department heads in planning and carrying out a wide range of ambitious initiatives. And she maintains an open door for anyone who needs to talk – and many do.

She has built strong and constructive relationships with Human Resources, Finance, and other non-newsroom departments with which we work closely. She has been key to our budget planning, to the effective use of our resources, and to helping staff members throughout the newsroom develop their careers.

I am particularly grateful for how she has served as a smart and wise – and forthright and tough-minded – counselor to Kevin, Emilio, and me.

As everyone knows, Tracy’s dedication to The Post and to her colleagues here runs deep. She joined The Post in 1993 from The Miami Herald, where she was an assistant city editor. She has been a layout and copy editor, a graphics editor, Washington Business editor, the newsroom’s first web editor, features editor, KidsPost editor, and Weekend editor. In April of last year, she took on her current position, absorbing the responsibilities of two senior-level jobs.

All of that means that she knows The Post and its talented team as well as anyone. It also means this announcement is richly deserved – and overdue.