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Dan Steinberg becomes a columnist in Sports

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Since launching the D.C. Sports Bog eight years ago, Dan Steinberg has helped create a new model for sports journalism in the digital world and established himself as one of the leading and most respected media voices in our region. We are thrilled to announce that Dan will now be adding a new title to his already well-established brand: Washington Post sports columnist.

We see this move as a natural evolution for Dan. He will continue to make the Sports Bog his home, writing for the blog with the same quirky, smart and unique voice and style, while finding the right topics and moments to add more commentary and analysis to his work. Dan has keen antennae for tapping into what sports fans are talking about and what matters most to them. His work chronicling the Burgundy Revolution during the dying days of the Jim Zorn era tapped into the existential angst felt by Redskins fans and held team management to account for its efforts to stifle fan dissent. Of all the words we wrote when Stephen Strasburg made his pitching debut as a rookie, Dan’s came closest to capturing the pure joy felt by Nationals fans that night. And no one can take down subjects as effectively as Dan when he transcribes their own words and provides the noose simply through context.

Dan will begin his new role immediately.