Beginning in 2015, The Washington Post will enter an exciting new partnership with The Texas Tribune, which will include shared editorial content, collaboration on events and more. The Texas Tribune will also join the more than 220 newspapers currently participating in The Post’s digital partner program, offering their subscribers 52 weeks of free and unlimited digital access to The Washington Post.

Below is the full announcement from Martin Baron, executive editor of The Washington Post, detailing the editorial partnership to the newsroom. The Tribune’s press release is available here.

I’m delighted to announce a new partnership with The Texas Tribune, the nonpartisan, nonprofit news organization that has earned its reputation for ambitious journalism and digital innovation.

Under the partnership, which begins with the new year, we’ll get exclusive outside-of-Texas access to Texas Tribune stories for both our website and our newspaper. Texas Tribune reporters will contribute to The Fix, Post Politics, GovBeat and other venues on our site. They will also contribute to our videos, and Texas Tribune’s weekly politics video series, the Texas Political Roundup, will run on PostTV.

Texas Tribune’s new Washington, D.C., bureau chief, Abby Livingston, will work out of our newsroom. We look forward to her becoming a major contributor to the partnership.

Texas Tribune will get early budget lines on Texas-specific journalism that The Post has in the works and will be able to concurrently cross-post those stories, data visualizations, and video on The Texas Tribune site. And we anticipate that our reporters will work together on political and presidential coverage and other breaking news.

Together we’ll pursue a presidential debate in Texas while also co-sponsoring events. The first event, a half-day symposium titled “Texas on the Potomac,” is scheduled for January 29 in Washington.

We and The Texas Tribune have worked together on many occasions in the past in the realm of events, videos, and print and online stories. We’re now forging a closer relationship that offers exceptional opportunities to both of us.