Digiday’s Lucia Moses writes:

Advertisers may complain that it’s hard to scale native ads, but they also want them to be put in front of the right people. Efficiency can mean more than one thing.

The Washington Post believes it has found the solution in its own newsroom, of all places. The newspaper’s data wonks built a tool called Clavis (“key” in Latin) that recommends articles to readers based on an analysis of keywords and phrases in their reading history. Clavis was inspired by the product-recommendation engine used by Amazon (whose founder Jeff Bezos bought the Post in 2013), and it powers “The Post Recommends” widget that appear at the bottom of article pages…

Now, with native, the Post is combining readers’ browsing history with third-party data to build audience segments based on readers’ areas of interest. The product, called BrandConnect Intelligence, then matches native ads with people who are likely to be interested in that topic, regardless of what section of the site they’re visiting.