The Washington Post and Zignal Labs, a leading real-time, cross media story-tracking platform, today announced that The Post will be using Zignal Labs on its site, providing editors immediate, data-driven analysis around current events and issues. With insights from broadcast, print, online, and social media, Zignal Labs provides a robust, unified platform for analytics that can be leveraged to spot and share trends in the news.

“We are excited to partner with Zignal Labs to provide our readers with innovative views of the conversations and stories being shared around the globe as they occur in real time,” said Steven Ginsberg, senior editor, Politics, The Washington Post. “The progression of how news travels and is reported continues to evolve, and Zignal Labs will help us stay on top of those trends as they emerge.”

Readers can already see Zignal Labs data in action on The Post’s site. Editors from the newly launched PowerPost to The Fix have begun to use the tools Zignal provides to enhance and expand their reporting.

“We are delighted to be working with The Washington Post. The goal of our platform has always been to showcase data-driven insights that you can’t see anywhere else,” said Josh Ginsberg, CEO, Zignal Labs. ”With this partnership, The Washington Post will now provide its readers with unique analysis that will show exactly how a story is unfolding from the moment it breaks.”