Jeremy Barr from Politico Media writes about The Washington Post’s new homepage. From his story:

One big change: the Post’s website is now powered by the company’s proprietary Arc platform, rather than the Méthode content management system used by several other prominent news organizations.

The homepage was essentially the last element of the website to be revamped—the Post started with article pages, then moved to section blog fronts, Marburger said. (Principal architect Greg Franczyk said that some 90 percent of traffic is to the Post’s article pages, which might explain why they were tended to first.)

“It’ll be a big improvement, but it’s also really the start of a whole nother phase of the homepage and the site,” Marburger said.

The next stage of the process, known as the “re-think,” is centered around the bigger questions: How should content be arranged on a website? How should advertising work? (For now, the Post said that its website refresh won’t change the way it handles online advertising.), Ad Exchanger, and Fishbowl DC also wrote about the new homepage and Arc.