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The Washington Post today became the first new partner to launch on Facebook’s Instant Articles platform. The Post will send 100% of its stories to Facebook so that all Washington Post content can be formatted as Instant Articles, giving readers a lightning-fast user experience for reading, sharing and commenting within the Facebook iOS app.

“We want to reach current and future readers on all platforms, and we aren’t holding anything back,” said Fred Ryan, publisher, The Washington Post. “Launching Instant Articles on Facebook enables to give this extremely large audience a faster, more seamless news reading experience.”

The Post has partnered with Facebook to ensure all of our rich content like videos and galleries are formatted to feel native to the Facebook platform.

“The Post has seen explosive growth in readership over the past year, particularly on mobile phones and among Millennials,” added Ryan. “Working with partners like Facebook allows us to further attract and engage those readers.”

Qualcomm is the first advertiser to buy an advertising package from The Washington Post that includes impressions on Facebook Instant Articles.