Today The Washington Post launched a 2016-themed mobile game. In a guest blog post, The Post’s Director of Digital Products and Design Joey Marburger explains the inspiration behind “Floppy Candidate”:

At The Washington Post, we’re in the news business. All news, all the time. But we like to have fun too.

That’s why we decided to go outside the box. Way outside. A team of in-house engineers, designers and producers came together to build an app that helps you play along this election season–quite literally.

Floppy Candidate is an 8-bit-style phone game that injects a full dose of satire and tongue-in-cheek wit into the 2016 election. Play with your favorite presidential candidates and bob and weave your way through news-centric obstacles, from giant old-school tape recorders to the Washington Monument. On the way, snag gold coins and answer trivia questions about current events. Can you guess Donald Trump’s secret service codename? Or what Ben Carson thinks is really stored in the Egyptian pyramids? Answer correctly and you’ll soon be shooting up the leaderboard.

This isn’t an attempt to revolutionize the gaming world. The Post is made up of political reporters, not gamers. Floppy Candidate went from vague idea to completion in only a few weeks, and not one member of the team had ever built a game. But The Post is pushing the limits on how to deliver content. That means experimenting, concocting, scheming and debating new and creative ways to help users engage with the news. Whether that’s through a poll, article, video, graphic or game, we are always tinkering. Ambitious ideas are not just considered–they are highly encouraged.

A quick update release with more obstacles, more sounds and more characters is already in the works.

Floppy Candidate is available from the App Store for iPhone, Google Play for Android and Amazon App Store.

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-Joey Marburger