The new ads, created in-house, feature quotes from WP BrandStudio
— The Washington Post today launched a new promotional unit that automatically matches native content with editorial stories of the same topic. The native ads, called “InContext,” were created by a team of Post engineers focused on personalization and feature pre-selected quotes from WP BrandStudio stories. Proprietary technology enables the units to appear on story pages with contextually relevant Post editorial content, dramatically improving efficiency and the amount of time that would be required to pair the ads manually.

“With InContext, we’re spearheading a new way to drive engagement with native content. By placing quotes from branded stories alongside relevant editorial content, we’re able to surface content that a reader is likely interested in but might not have seen otherwise. The automation behind this innovation makes the process turnkey for every WP BrandStudio campaign,” said Annie Granatstein, head of WP BrandStudio.

InContext units leverage the technology used to drive user recommendations throughout the site. That technology—called Clavis—is also used to match native content with the right users. Sam Han, director of big data and engineering said, “By matching native content to other relevant content, InContext ads are yet another way we’re ensuring our readers have a more personalized, meaningful experience with branded content. We’re committed to providing a better user experience, and better ads contribute to that.”

To ensure appropriate placement, WP BrandStudio will approve all InContext matches before they appear on the site. InContext ads appear in clearly labeled advertising placements.

WP BrandStudio is The Washington Post’s in-house creative agency that creates multimedia programs for leading brands.