New platform built in-house features lightning fast search speed, personalization options, mobile-friendly design
Gives clients instant access to three times as much news, multimedia content

The Washington Post launches an all-new News Service and Syndicate delivery site, giving companies around the world instant access to high-quality content from The Post, Bloomberg News and Japan News for use in their own digital publications. The new site emphasizes the user experience, featuring a clean, responsive design that makes it easy for clients to navigate the latest stories, photos, videos, and more. The site is also faster, ensuring content can be delivered seamlessly in a client’s preferred format.

“With The Washington Post newsroom producing more content than ever before, the News Service’s offerings have tripled and that growth demands a state-of-the-art delivery platform,” said Alan Shearer, editorial director for The Washington Post News Service and Syndicate. “Any company or publication in the world can access world-class journalism and publish it for the benefit of their audience.”

Built by The Post’s engineering team, the mobile and tablet-friendly site is anchored by a dynamic new homepage that features a continuously updated stream of new content as well as links to daily budgets, front page stories and suggested content like “Editor’s Picks.” Clients can personalize the homepage and select what topics and type of content they want to see by adjusting their preferences. Clients can filter what’s on the page by type of content, word count, publication and subject matter and can copy a story to the clipboard with one-click to import it into their publication. The Post’s News Service desk is available via real-time chat to assist or collaborate with clients.

The News Service and Syndicate site is part of The Post’s Arc custom publishing suite. The site is available to subscribers of the News Service and can be found here.