The Washington Post announces Backdrop, an exciting new feature on any article about the 2016 presidential race that gives readers a quick look at the latest state of play. Starting today, you’ll see a button pop up in the lower-left-hand corner of politics articles, and when you tap or click it, Backdrop will slide out and feature updates on the latest polling, video explainers, key quotes that illuminate candidates’ stances, charts on money in the election and more as the campaign dictates.

“Backdrop is a way to provide easy-to-consume context without interrupting the reading experience,” said Terri Rupar, digital editor for national news. “We were excited to come up with a way to help people understand even more about the election in a way that’s really optimized for the mobile screen.”

Backdrop will also go live when the election does, providing real-time results and analysis during major moments, such as caucus and primary nights.

“Backdrop is designed to give people a quick snapshot of the broad outlines of the presidential race, even as they read the latest twists and turns from the trail,” said Steven Ginsberg, Senior Politics Editor.

When a reader has checked what’s in Backdrop, the button shrinks and becomes more transparent; when there’s something new in there, the button goes back to its original state.