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Washington Post’s “Presidential” podcast surpasses 1 million downloads

The Washington Post’s “Presidential” podcast has surpassed 1 million downloads on iTunes roughly two months after its launch. More than 100,000 listeners download the podcast each week. This number does not include those who listen to the podcast directly from The Washington Post site.

“Exceeding more than 1 million downloads so soon after our launch shows how much interest there is in the history of the American presidency and in exploring what has made certain leaders more or less effective in the White House—especially in light of this year’s heated election. I’m excited that our audience has been growing so rapidly week to week. And I’m particularly excited that our listeners have shown such enthusiasm even before we’re anywhere near releasing our episodes on 20th-century presidents, which promise to be really great,” said Lillian Cunningham, On Leadership editor and host of the podcast.

In each weekly episode, “Presidential” examines the leadership style of one American president, starting with George Washington and ending with the 45th president, when he or she is elected into office on November 8th. Specials guests have included legendary Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough.