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The Washington Post releases augmented reality view of Freddie Gray’s case

AR promo
In advance of a new trial in the Freddie Gray case starting this week, The Washington Post releases an augmented reality experience to help explain the series of events that caused Gray’s death and triggered riots in Baltimore.

With 3D imagery, audio, maps and text based on court documents and witness testimony, users can better understand the complexities of the case and the differences in what the prosecutors and defense say about when and how Gray was hurt. The walk-through in AR is narrated by Washington Post Local reporter Lynh Bui and depicts scenes starting with the police chase to when Gray was found in cardiac arrest.

The experience requires the ARc augmented reality app downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Readers can point their smartphone’s camera to a custom Washington Post logo adjacent to the story in both print and digital to trigger the content. Users can see 3D models, rotate around a scene, and tap on the eye icon for contextual information or map pop-ups showing key locations in the case.

The ARc app experience and the Freddie Gray AR story were developed in conjunction with Empathetic Media. More detailed information on how to view the experience once the app is installed is available here.