We are very pleased to announce that Louisa Loveluck, a brave and highly skilled foreign correspondent who has written for The Daily Telegraph and others, will join the National staff this summer as the Stern Fellow.

Louisa emerged from a very strong field of candidates, and we expect her to work with editors on the national security, America and political desks during her three months with us. The Californian among those who conducted her final interviews appreciated that, of the regions she hoped to see during her time in the United States, Louisa chose the West.

That is not, however, why she was selected from an applicant pool of more than 60 journalists representing a wide range of British media. A graduate of King’s College, Cambridge, Louisa studied social and political sciences, focusing her thesis on the 2011 uprisings in Yemen and Egypt. Then, two years after graduation, she headed to Cairo to freelance for The Telegraph, the Guardian and other publications.

Since then, Louisa has done work of consequence on the war in Syria, the swelling flow of refugees from the region and, perhaps most vividly and courageously, the human rights violations committed by the Egyptian government in the politically volatile aftermath of Mubarak’s fall. Working her way into a stifling morgue following the August 2013 Rabaa massacre, Louisa counted 237 bodies, many marked by sniper shots, some packed in coffins filled with ice to ward off the summer heat as they awaited a Muslim burial. Her piece helped make undeniable what officials had previously denied.

The Stern Fellowship honors legendary Post editor Laurence Stern by bringing a British journalist of exceptional promise to the newsroom each summer. Some of Britain’s leading journalists have won the fellowship and The Post has benefited enormously from their work with us. We know Louisa, now based in Istanbul, will follow in this esteemed line when she joins us on June 6. Please welcome her.