The Washington Post newsroom is experimenting with using “pop-up newsletters” to promote enterprise projects, dedicating one email to a big story or longer read. Most notably, these single-send emails are highly targeted, aimed at users who, based on their reading history, are likely to have a strong interest in the topic. This approach—using personalization to define the audience for a specific story—aims to connect readers with some of The Post’s best journalism.

“We’re able to serve readers stories they might have missed, but would have liked to read, if they didn’t come to our homepage that day or see it on social,” said Jennifer Amur, newsletters and alerts editor at The Washington Post. “So far, the response has been impressive, consistently exceeding the site average for newsletter opens and click-through rates and showing that this approach is resonating with readers.”

Post editors determine keywords associated with the story and use that to build an audience of email subscribers that have shown a high interest in those topics. Some recent examples include: Obama’s Legacy, A Marine’s Convictions, and Unnatural Causes.