The Washington Post and Mic today announce a newsletter content partnership around the 2016 campaign, sharing content to cross pollinate coverage and perspectives.

Each Wednesday, The Washington Post’s “5-Minute Fix” will feature Mic’s take on politics, and “MicCheck Daily” will feature the latest campaign updates from The Post. Partner content will be at the top of each newsletter.

“The 5-Minute Fix provides readers with everything they need to know about the campaign and political landscape in just a few minutes. Incorporating Mic’s fresh, unique perspective is a great way to provide even more value to one of the fastest growing newsletters from The Post,” said Steven Ginsberg, senior politics editor.

“Newsletters are increasingly one of the most important ways to reach new audiences, especially on mobile, so this was the perfect platform to bring this idea to life,” said Cory Haik, chief strategy officer, Mic. “Mic brings a unique young person’s perspective and The Washington Post brings a respected authority and unparalleled take on the 2016 campaign that together make for a strong report on this election.”

To sign up for The 5-Minute Fix, visit this page and to sign up for MicCheck Daily, five stories each day that challenge you to rethink the world, visit this page.