The Washington Post’s digital publishing platform, Arc, now powers Alaska Dispatch News, the Anchorage-based daily which covers news, politics and culture in the country’s most northern state. Alaska Dispatch News is part of Arc’s rapidly growing client base which includes Willamette Week, Paraguay’s La Nación and Santa Fe Reporter as well as other clients which will be announced as they come online in the coming months.

“Great storytelling demands great technology, and The Washington Post thrives at the intersection of journalism and engineering. Arc powers our digital products at The Post, and I’m happy to launch the Alaska Dispatch News onto Arc’s state-of-the-art digital platform.” said Shailesh Prakash, Chief Technology Officer at The Washington Post.

Alaska Dispatch News focuses on issues that concern Alaskans, including a changing economy, climate change, the oil and gas industry and life in Alaska. The publication, which was formed in May 2014 by merging digitally-native Alaska Dispatch with the Pulitzer Prize-winning Anchorage Daily News newspaper, is dedicated to statewide news, public service journalism and offering a variety of opinions and perspectives for their readers.

“We’re delighted with the Arc platform and the flexibility it provides, allowing us to focus on creating high-quality journalism and providing the best experience for our readers,” said editor David Hulen. “The initial launch is just the start. We’re excited to continue working with The Post to continue enhancements to and to take advantage of Arc’s mobile capabilities and personalization features. All this will help position Alaska Dispatch News for continued success in the digital age.”

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