IBM Power Systems signed on as first sponsor

The Washington Post has become one of the first publishers to launch branded content on Facebook’s Instant Articles platform. The Post already sends all of its editorial content to Facebook Instant Articles, giving readers a lightning-fast user experience for reading, sharing and commenting within Facebook apps. With content from The Post’s in-house creative agency, WP BrandStudio, now part of Facebook Instant Articles, marketers are also able to provide that seamless experience to people on Facebook.

“At The Post, we’re committed to providing superior reader experiences across the board, and that includes custom content we create for marketers. Facebook Instant Articles is a natural addition to our growing suite of tools and technology aimed at making our ads faster and more native to the platform,” said Jarrod Dicker, The Post’s head of ad product and technology.

Annie Granatstein, head of WP BrandStudio, added, “We were able to launch WP BrandStudio on Facebook Instant Articles by using the same tools the newsroom employs to publish its journalism across platforms. Our ability to leverage this experience is part of what distinguishes the content studio.”

IBM Power Systems is The Post’s first partner to run branded content across Facebook Instant Articles. Kimberly Storin, VP of WW Marketing for Power Systems said, “IBM Power Systems is leveraging new innovative marketing strategies to reach buyers. We want to provide valuable experiences with our content, and we’re excited to be one of the first brands to publish in Facebook Instant Articles and leverage the tools and technology from an award-winning content studio.”

In addition to launching branded content on Facebook Instant Articles, The Post recently launched Fuse, proprietary technology that provides a seamless, immersive, cross platform experience.