Announcement from Universal Desk Editor Eric Rich:

We’re thrilled to announce that Tessa Muggeridge will lead our efforts on newsletters and alerts. Tessa’s deep knowledge of distribution through messaging and her enthusiasm for building community around email, push alerts, bots and similar platforms make her a great fit to work in this rapidly growing and innovating space.

Tessa started at The Post in 2011 as a producer on the Universal News Desk’s night team. She went on to become the dayside editor of the regional homepage and then to a newly created role as the UND’s Digital Editor. Her influence in the room has been widely felt: Tessa spread best digital practices in a series of sessions she and Mark Smith conducted with every department, and she is a force in the headline shop, amplifying our efforts and ensuring that our journalism reaches as many people as possible. She has worked closely with Site Traffic, Engineering and Design to develop tools —  from Slack bots to structured interstitial links —  that help us work more effectively and improve reader experience.

Tessa is a sharp digital thinker, journalist and an advocate for change. We look forward to seeing what she does in her new role.