The Washington Post’s reporting team for the 2016 Republican and Democratic Conventions will include, for the first time, a robot.

Working with Twitter and Double Robotics, The Post’s robot will provide a live stream of delegates and politicians in Cleveland and Philadelphia via Twitter’s app, Periscope, giving users a guided tour of the convention site and letting them ask questions about the convention experience via Periscope chat.

“We’re excited to experiment with a new way to bring Post readers into the convention action, giving them an on-the-ground perspective as if they were there themselves,” said Jeremy Gilbert, Director of Strategic Initiatives for The Washington Post. “We are always looking to test innovative tools that can enhance our storytelling and we are pleased to collaborate with Twitter and Double Robotics to test the robot.”

The Post will also use the robot during its live events series, headquartered blocks from the convention areas. The robot will capture the scene inside The Post’s events hub, engaging with attendees as if they were being interviewed by a human– asking questions like who they would pick for a running mate if they were the nominee, what issues matter to them, and why they chose to attend the convention.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of such a distinct collaboration with The Washington Post. Viewers across the globe will be able to see the sights and sounds that convention-goers & delegates will be experiencing first-hand,” said Niketa Patel, News Partnerships Manager at Twitter. “By combining live-streaming from Periscope with on-the-ground storytelling and interaction, this will no doubt be the beginning of this robot’s memorable journey.”

The live stream and tweets will be instantly posted on @WashingtonPost, @PostPolitics and @PostLive. Follow @washingtonpost on Twitter starting at noon ET on Monday, July 18.