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The Washington Post unveils ‘Paloma’ newsletter delivery platform

A look at Paloma’s editing tool.
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Provides journalists with greater editing, customization capabilities for Post newsletters
New tool built in-house using Amazon’s SES platform

The Washington Post introduces Paloma, an email delivery system developed by Post engineers that gives the newsroom powerful tools for creating custom newsletters. Built using Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) platform, Paloma is a light-weight, fast platform that features an intuitive content editor, making it easy for reporters to compose text within the system and automatically embed social content, photos and videos.

“Newsletters are a key way to connect with our readers, and it’s imperative that we’re creating the best experience for them to engage with our content via email,” said Siva Ghatti, engineering director at The Washington Post. “Paloma navigates technical complexities to ensure optimal deliverability and minimal delay for readers, in a clean, easy-to-read design. It also gives us greater flexibility in the future, offering personalization options like prioritizing delivery for the most engaged readers of a particular newsletter.”

Paloma was designed to work at the speed of news, giving reporters and editors a nimble editorial tool that accommodates different newsletter styles. Journalists can create custom templates for specific newsletters, allowing for a mix of curated content as well as content pulled in via feeds. Posts from social channels can be quickly added using only a link and Paloma’s responsive design ensures multimedia elements fit seamlessly alongside text.

“The most engaging newsletters today are likely to pull in content from a variety of sources, including video, photo and social channels. With reporters working on tight deadlines, this tool’s intuitive interface helps simplify that process and delivers a clean, responsive product for our readers,” said Eric Rich, Universal News Desk editor at The Post.

Paloma, which is part of The Post’s custom publishing platform Arc, is currently being used to power The Daily 202 and Daily Trail. Other newsletters will migrate to the system.

About The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing
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