The Washington Post now offers news-related illustrations for readers to visually enhance their messages directly within an iMessage chat and on Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging apps. The expressive graphics are available in The Post’s first sticker pack and feature colorful images and text—such as “Good news,” “Huge if true” and “No comment”—which can be embedded directly into conversations.

“The stickers we’ve created allow users to say what they want about news without having to type a complete thought and simply add delight and character to their conversations,” said Amy King, design director for The Post’s Emerging News Products team.

“As messaging apps are increasingly becoming a primary way for people to communicate, we think it’s important to find fun and visual ways to interact with new readers on those platforms,” said Jessica Stahl, editor for social, search and communities. “On Viber, introducing stickers was a great way to let even more of the app’s more than 800 million unique users worldwide know about The Post’s new Public Chat we’re hosting to share world news.”

The Post’s sticker pack is available here and on App Store for iMessage which can be found in the Messages app for iPhone and iPad users running iOS 10. Users of the Post’s national app for iOS will automatically receive the sticker pack.

Viber users can also download the pack for free from Viber’s Sticker Market. To find The Post’s public chat, simply search for The Washington Post in-app under the ‘worldwide’ category.