How will readers feel when the presidential election is over? And which issue should top the president-elect’s priority list? News organizations can pose those questions to their digital audiences using a free new digital feature released today.

Called “Tell Our Next President,” the feature is available to news organizations as free, open-source software. It was created by The Coral Project — a partnership between The Washington Post, The New York Times and the Mozilla Foundation, sponsored by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation — and Bocoup, an open-source technology and design services company.

The feature is built on The Coral Project’s Ask product — a form builder and gallery creator that allows publishers to ask questions and publish their readers’ responses. Ask is also available for free to news organizations.

“Tell Our Next President is an easy way for readers to express their thoughts and feelings to the incoming administration — and to news organizations,” said Greg Barber, The Post’s director of digital news projects. “It puts readers at the center of post-election storytelling.”

The feature asks readers to select an emoji that describes how they feel as the newly elected president prepares to take office, to select the issue that should top the new president’s agenda, and to detail one task the president elect should accomplish before their term ends.

Tell Our Next President also allows users to explore other readers’ answers based on the emoji or top issue they selected.

The Bocoup team created the feature’s design and data visualizations, and provided some of the software development that connects the feature to The Coral Project’s Ask platform.

“This election has been constantly debated for months, but we really wanted to find a way to allow the public to express how they felt about its results, especially at the end of such a race,” said Irene Ros, Bocoup’s Datavis director. “We’re excited to demonstrate the power of The Coral Project by building an open-source interactive on top of Coral Ask to explore the sentiment of the American people. We hope that by creating this interactive as an open-source tool, we’ve enabled many newsrooms, large and small, to spur a conversation among their readers.”

Organizations interested in using Tell Our Next President and installing the Ask platform should email Jeff Nelson, The Coral Project’s integration engineer.