comScore numbers to be corrected upward for September, October and November 2016

The Washington Post had 99.1 million unique visitors in November 2016, marking a 38 percent increase over last year, according to current comScore reporting. Numbers for The Post were significantly underreported and will be corrected by comScore not only for the month of November, but also for September and October of 2016. comScore noted today: “US Mobile Metrix and MMX MP data was meaningfully under-reported for for September, October and November 2016 data due to incomplete measurement of Facebook Instant Articles measurement on iPhones. This was due to Facebook’s making a change to its third-party analytics tracker in Instant Articles for secure iOS consumption. The change has been corrected from December 1 forward.”

For October and November, we expect that adjustment would move The Post comfortably across the 100 million unique visitor mark.