The Washington Post is creating a rapid-response investigative team that will work closely with all departments in the newsroom, particularly the National staff over the next year or so. The eight-person team, situated within The Post’s Investigative Unit, will be expected to move quickly, mine digital sources of information, and dig deeply as breaking news provides targets of journalistic opportunity.

The creation of this team recognizes that the digital age allows for novel approaches to investigative reporting. The team will include five reporters, an assignment editor, a database reporter, and a graphics reporter. They will supplement The Post’s existing team of 11 journalists who are dedicated to investigative journalism.

“We see a continuing need for strong investigative reporting even as we see new models developing for how that work can be carried out,” said Martin Baron, executive editor. “This team will be a powerful new asset for The Post, where investigative reporting has long been a strength. Over time its staff will work collaboratively with beat reporters throughout our newsroom.”