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The Washington Post announces The Lily

A preview of The Lily.

The Washington Post today announces The Lily, an experimental, visually driven product designed for millennial women that will boldly reimagine The Post’s award-winning journalism for distributed platforms. The brainchild of The Post’s Emerging News Products team, The Lily will emphasize platform-specific storytelling, integrating smart content with striking visuals to inform and entertain. The Lily will appear on Medium, Facebook and Instagram to start.

“For years, The Post has featured extraordinary content relevant to all aspects of women’s lives– from the big stories that affect us all to the individual interests that shape who we are,” said Amy King, editor of The Lily at The Washington Post. “The Lily gives us an opportunity to spotlight that work in a new way, packaging it for women who are interested in that type of content and sharing it on platforms that help foster community.”

The Lily will have a dedicated editorial staff, including video and design resources, that will spotlight of-the-moment stories and columns on issues like gender equality, women’s health, and more. In addition to sharing Post stories, videos and photos, The Lily will feature some original content as well as outside contributions from influential voices. The Lily will also produce a twice-weekly newsletter, offering readers smart, highly curated news and features in their inbox.

“This is a first-of-its-kind initiative for The Post which pulls content together in a way we don’t naturally do on our site. By launching under a different brand, we can give The Lily its own voice, more freely experiment with how we present Post journalism, and see if we can capture a new audience we wouldn’t otherwise have,” said Tracy Grant, deputy managing editor at The Post. “This initiative has the potential to be a model for how we distribute Post content in the future.”

The Lily will launch later this year and currently has open positions for a deputy editor, video editor, producer, and designer.

The name “The Lily” is a nod to the first newspaper for and run by women which was established in 1849.