comScore has released corrected audience numbers for The Washington Post’s audience in October and November 2016. In October, The Post reached 106 million readers, making it the second most-read individual news/information media site in the country. In addition, The Post has the largest mobile audience of any individual U.S. news/information site, recording 88.6 million readers.

In November, The Post reached 107 million readers with 90 million of them accessing Post content via a mobile device.

As comScore noted in a statement last month: “US Mobile Metrix and MMX MP data was meaningfully under-reported for for September, October and November 2016 data due to incomplete measurement of Facebook Instant Articles measurement on iPhones. This was due to Facebook’s making a change to its third-party analytics tracker in Instant Articles for secure iOS consumption. The change has been corrected from December 1 forward.”