Today The Washington Post launched an updated way for sources to securely send tips to the newsroom, expanding on its SecureDrop program that launched three years ago. The Post now offers more ways to share information and documents securely using both desktop and mobile devices. These new features will allow for easier submission and offer security and anonymity to sources.

Here’s everything you need to know about sharing tips with The Post confidentially:

Where do I go to submit a tip?
There’s a call-out on The Washington Post homepage to “Share news tips with us confidentially” and here.

What are the different ways a tip can be submitted?
The Post can be reached using SecureDrop, encrypted email, postal mail and messaging apps including Signal, Peerio, WhatsApp and Pidgin.

How can I ensure my info is really confidential?
No system is 100 percent secure, but these tools provide even more privacy and anonymity than regular email and web forms.

How often will The Post check for messages and materials?
Tips will be routinely checked by Post journalists in a secured environment.