Update 10/03/17: Breaking news alerts from the Post are now available on any Alexa-enabled device. Read here to see how to turn them on.

Timely news updates available throughout the day via The Post skill

The Washington Post today announced notifications will soon be available from the Washington Post skill. As the first publisher to announce breaking news on Alexa-enabled devices, The Post will be able to easily and immediately notify users of news updates with up to three alerts published daily.

“We always want our readers to be informed, so we’re excited to bring breaking news notifications to Alexa,” said Joseph Price, senior product manager at The Post. “Most importantly, we’re being selective of the news we surface, and we’ll continue to learn how users want to receive information using a voice service.”

To start receiving updates, Alexa users need to opt-in to notifications for The Washington Post skill in their Alexa app. When a notification is available, Echo devices will chime once and the halo will flash green. Then users may ask, “Alexa, what are my notifications?” or “Alexa, what did I miss?” to hear breaking news. The Post alerts expire so that only the latest news will be announced.

The Post skill will be updated with the functionality in the coming weeks.