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The Washington Post is the first national news publisher to debut a Reddit profile page

The Washington Post today launched a Reddit public profile, a new personal page that will allow The Post to share stories and moderate its own discussions with loyal users on the platform.

“We aim to meet readers where they are, and that includes Reddit’s 270 million monthly users, hundreds of whom share Post articles every day on Reddit,” said Jessica Stahl, deputy audience editor at The Post. “We know Reddit users value conversation, so we plan to engage with this community even more and provide the best journalism we can using this new home for our content.”

“Redditors are some of the most avid news consumers online, and The Washington Post’s articles spark discussions in communities across the site every day. We’re excited to see how the new profile experience can help The Post’s journalists engage even more with their readers on Reddit,” said Alex Riccomini, Director of Business Development and Media Partnerships at Reddit.

The Post’s profile page will be a resource for readers seeking to catch up on important news of the day. The public profile will also feature Ask Me Anything (AMA) events with journalists from The Post’s newsroom, including reporters who cover a range of beats from politics to pop culture to the web, graphic designers, photographers and video editors.

Post reporters often use the Reddit platform to talk to or interview highly engaged users, get ideas for stories and have participated in AMA forums as a way to further connect with readers on the platform. On May 17 at 2 pm, seven Post journalists will participate in an AMA event where users can ask them about the journalism industry, how The Post uses Reddit, what The Post will be doing with its public profile and more. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Fahrenthold, noted for his Trump campaign reporting, will also answer questions from Reddit users here on May 26, 2017 starting at noon.