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The Washington Post to launch “Constitutional,” a follow-up to the “Presidential” podcast

(Michelle Thompson for The Washington Post)
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The Washington Post is launching “Constitutional,” a new podcast about the history of the U.S. Constitution and the great debates that have shaped it over time. “Constitutional” will explore the document’s origin story, the passage of its amendments, and the people who fought to frame and reframe it— revolutionaries, abolitionists, suffragists, teetotalers, protesters, justices and presidents.

This project is the much-anticipated follow-up to The Washington Post’s  podcast “Presidential, ” which has gained more than 9 million listens since it launched in January 2016.

“Since the ‘Presidential’ podcast ended, listeners have been asking for another podcast in a similar style, and many of them shared they would love to learn more about the Constitution,” said Lillian Cunningham, host and creator of “Presidential.” “Creating a podcast focused on the Constitution felt like a natural extension. In the same spirit as ‘Presidential,’ ‘Constitutional’ will explore characters and events in American history as a way of helping us better understand the country we live in today.”

Each week the podcast will delve into the big fights over citizenship, race, justice, love, liberty, taxes and freedom of expression.

The first episode of “Constitutional” will launch in summer 2017. Sign up for news on the podcast release here.