The Washington Post today introduced “About US,” a collection of news and commentary focused on the changing demographics in America. Published in the PostNation blog and in newsletter form later this year, the content will provide conversational insights and timely information about identity, including matters of gender, race and class.

“What it means to be an American is rapidly expanding and evolving. The shift is impossible to ignore,” said Simone Sebastian, deputy editor for the America Desk. “Part of The Washington Post’s mission is to accurately and honestly reflect the society that we live in, and About US will help accomplish that through engaging journalism that sparks discussion and challenges how we think about ourselves.”

Published each Thursday, About US will feature reported stories, first-person essays and engaging visuals produced by a diverse group of Post staff and guest contributors. In today’s edition, Post reporter Wesley Lowery contemplates becoming a gun owner as a black man, a transgender veteran explains how military service led him to discover his identity, and About US lead writer Vanessa Williams explores how identity politics define America’s future and its past.