Announcement from Jed Hartman, Chief Revenue Officer:


I am excited to announce the promotion of Jarrod Dicker to VP Commercial Product and Innovation reporting directly to me and dotting to Steve Stup on Ad operations.

Jarrod began his career at The Post in September of 2015 as an individual contributor in the commercial technology and advertising space. Jarrod was a somewhat experimental hire given very little direction—simply to make us better at commercial technology and make sure we are utilizing the resources of Shailesh’s remarkable engineering team. Since then, driven by energy, optimism and industry knowledge, Jarrod has launched RED which in turn has launched 10 ad products that have helped to drive 10’s of millions of dollars. He has taken over and advanced the Advertising Operations team and has been an active seller helping to fuel our 3rd straight year of very strong double digit revenue growth. Jarrod and his team also work seamlessly with the core engineering department helping in many ways including adding RED products to our ARC suite.

In this new role, Jarrod will continue to lead the RED charge across the organization while taking on a larger responsibility to push strategy and innovation deeper throughout all areas of the business organization. As the Washington Post grows its various offerings it’s important to make sure that we’re not just building the best technology and strategies, but leveraging the amazing work done across all of Client Solutions ensuring our marketing partners are always receiving the fastest, most innovative, most creative and most unique solutions—that work flawlessly and over deliver on their goals.

In 2017, Jarrod also moved into a new house, had twins and saw over 20 PHISH shows bringing his total to “well over a hundred.”

Congratulations Jarrod.