An NFL Player Card opened within a story.

Readers can access a player’s recent stats, schedule, more within a story

The Washington Post introduces NFL Player Cards, a new feature that gives readers the option to see more information about a particular player without having to leave the story they’re reading. Powered by in-house technology, the cards are automatically created and added to stories that mention NFL players. Readers can simply click a player’s highlighted name to pop open the card and quickly access the player’s stats, schedule, and more. See an example.

“This technology gives us an unobtrusive way to add background and context to stories. This information is accessible to readers who want it and, for those who don’t, it ensures an uninterrupted reading experience,” said Jeremy Gilbert, director of strategic initiatives. “For our journalists, it extends the life of this kind of content, taking the burden off of the reporter to add it into a story by automatically adding it to relevant articles.”

The NFL Player Cards incorporate a trio of Post technologies. Context, a Post-built feature, powers the functionality and appearance of the cards and Heliograf, The Post’s automated storytelling software, is integrated to automatically pull in data on each player and create a summary of the player’s recent performance. The information is then automatically added to the first mention of a player’s name in Post stories using The Post’s contextual linking tool.

“Our tools are designed to work together seamlessly. In this case, we were able to layer multiple technologies that can identify background points, ingest the relevant data, and put it into context without human intervention,” said Scot Gillespie, Chief Technology Officer. “This feature is just the latest in a suite of products designed to make it easier for our journalists to do their jobs while giving readers a benefit they might not have expected.”

The Post makes its in-house technology available for license through Arc Publishing.

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