Announcement from Opinions Page Editor Fred Hiatt and Deputy Opinions Page Editors Ruth Marcus and Jackson Diehl:

We’re delighted and excited to announce that Elizabeth Bruenig will be joining the Opinions staff as a writer and editor. As everyone who has followed her career knows, Liz is brimming with ideas and insight on religion, politics, culture and more. She will contribute columns and blog posts while also soliciting and editing pieces from outside writers.

Elizabeth grew up in Texas, graduated from Brandeis with honors in 2013 and attended the University of Cambridge as a Marshall Scholar, where she earned her master’s in Christian theology. She joined the New Republic in 2015 as a staff writer, and in early 2016, she became an assistant editor for The Post’s Outlook section, commissioning and editing thoughtful stories on big ideas. Elizabeth lives in Washington D.C. with her husband Matt and her daughter Jane.