As part of its annual “Hot List” issue, Adweek magazine has named Washington Post CEO and Publisher Frederick J. Ryan, Jr. as Publishing Executive of the Year for 2017. The award recognizes Ryan for his leadership of The Post’s digital transformation, guiding its consumer-first approach and positioning the company for success in both journalism and technology.

From the Adweek article:

The new motto of The Washington Post may be “Democracy dies in darkness,” but publisher and CEO Frederick Ryan uses another maxim for the Jeff Bezos-owned company: “We always want to be the challenger, never the incumbent.”

Bezos recruited the exec to the broadsheet in 2014 as it was ramping up its digital transformation into a consumer-first publication. “Owning the Post for him is not just a hobby,” Ryan says of Bezos. “He has deep views about the importance of the First Amendment and the important role of the press in a free society.”

Since joining the Post, Ryan has packed the newsroom with “dozens of engineers” who “work side by side with the journalists to design and refine products to serve the newsroom,” he notes. The result: “Our subscriptions have doubled since January and tripled since last year at this time,” says Ryan.

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