The Washington Post today launched “Food Diaries of the Famous,” a monthly video series showcasing how food impacted the upbringing and decision making of influencers in various fields such as politics, sports, film and more. Hosted by The Post’s Mary Beth Albright, each episode is a culinary biography of one person and explores how the guest bonds with others over food and how family food memories have impacted their lives and businesses today.

“Before joining The Post, Albright was a Food Network Star contestant and a food policy lawyer, which magnifies her ability to connect the dots for the savvy Washington Post audience,” said Michelle Jaconi, executive producer of creative video at The Post. “This series showcases Albright’s unique combination of vivacity and intelligence – which always seems to disarm even the most powerful of people.”

“There is so much good news to be told in the ways people are connecting through food,” said Albright.  “Every single person has his or her own culinary biography and we hope that sharing these stories with viewers will allow people to better understand one another through what they are eating every day.”

In the first episode, Albright is joined by Starbucks founder Howard Schultz who shares stories about his childhood in the projects in Brooklyn, and how he recreated that sense of community through coffeehouses in the 1990s.