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The Washington Post debuts new Counterpoint feature for Opinions content

The Washington Post today launched “Counterpoint,” a new feature that surfaces an Opinions article with a different perspective than what a user is currently reading.

“Our Opinions section provides robust coverage of topics from a variety of viewpoints, and we’re excited to make the diversity of this content more prominent for our readers,” said Fred Hiatt, Editorial page editor for The Post. “This is one way we can present a range of views that can help our audience be more informed and that hopefully will encourage dialogue.”

The counterpoint module appears at the bottom of select Opinion pieces with a headline and link to a story offering a different point of view.

“We have a lot of content to offer our readers, and the process of tagging content with different perspectives is made easier by the use of our artificial intelligence technology. We will continue to refine our technology and showcase the diversity of our content on external platforms and social media,” said Dr. Sam Han (PhD), director of data science at The Post.