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Peter Wallsten named Senior Politics Editor

We are very excited to announce that Peter Wallsten is the new Senior Politics Editor.

Peter’s mission is critical: make sure The Post delivers the best political coverage in the nation. Peter is well-suited to the task. He is a sophisticated thinker about politics who comes into the office every day with smart ideas about how to take on the biggest stories. He has a vision for this political moment that will drive more deeply at the forces upending the nation. He has the sensibility of an outsider, always willing to question the received wisdom, no matter where it comes from. And he always pushes for coverage that is distinctive and surprising, believing that everything from a quick-turn post to a long-form investigation should be newsy, sharply framed and revealing.

Peter will take on this role after an extraordinary run as the head of our political enterprise and investigative team. Under Peter’s leadership, what started as a small operation with four reporters is now a growing, award-winning powerhouse. His group has made a mark on nearly every big story there is, from problems at the Secret Service to the Russia investigation and President Trump’s business empire. Peter has done this while helping pioneer a faster, more innovative approach to investigative journalism that is better suited for the digital age.

Before becoming an editor in 2013Peter was a White House reporter at The Post and before that a political reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald and St. Petersburg Times. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and lives in Washington with his wife Stacey and their children, Isaac and Teddy.

In his new role, Peter will report to Deputy National Editor Lori Montgomery. He will start immediately. Please join us in congratulating him.