Announcement from Executive Editor Marty Baron and Managing Editors Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, Tracy Grant, and Cameron Barr:

We’re thrilled to announce that Jessica Stahl is our new Director of Audio. In more than four years at The Post, Jess has worked on projects across the newsroom, demonstrating that she is a strong leader, a proven innovator and a devoted manager.

In her new role, Jess will lead an expanded team of audio producers and editors creating ambitious audio journalism. She will build upon the successful slate of podcasts and flash briefings launched over the past year, including “Can He Do That?,” “Constitutional,” “The Daily 202’s Big Idea,” and several mini-series, including the latest, “Letters from War.” Jess and team will pioneer programs and formats, coordinating with the product, advertising and digital subscription teams. She will continue to welcome the involvement of reporters and editors in the development of ideas, and her team will work to train our staff as on-air talent. 

Jess joined The Post in 2013 on the same day as Jeff Bezos’ first visit to the newsroom. From the beginning, she was drawn to some of the biggest technology challenges. When Google and Facebook started indexing reporter bylines, she built new author pages. As social traffic climbed, she migrated desktop story templates to mobile. When online quizzes went viral for the first time, Jess built tools to empower our journalists with new ways to tell stories.

In the last three years, Jess served as Deputy Editor on the Audience team. She founded the embed team, recruiting talented social media editors to grow engagement and experimentation platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Reddit. Jess also pushed for digital training across the newsroom, most recently devising a session on digital strategies for assignment editors.

Jess has guided a number of award-winning projects. With Mark Smith and Herman Wong, she collected an Edward R. Murrow award for 2016 election coverage. She was an editing force behind Shorty Award-winning Historically Black, a 2016 series on black history, which included a podcast partnership with APM Reports. And she was an editor on the Emmy-nominated N-Word Project in 2014. Jess has built a small but mighty audio team within the Audience team. With Carol Alderman, Anne Li, Ted Muldoon, and help from around the newsroom, The Post cracked PodTrac’s top 10 U.S. audio publishers in May 2017. Her team will grow this year.

Before coming to The Post, Jess spent five years at Voice of America where she was a digital producer and social media editor. She also wrote and edited one of VOA’s most popular blogs. Jess holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and a master’s from Johns Hopkins University. When not staying late in the newsroom, Jess stays late in the dance studio rehearsing for upcoming dance shows.

Jess will report to Emilio. Please join us in congratulating her.