Announcement from Foreign Editor Douglas Jehl, Deputy Foreign Editor Mary Beth Sheridan, and WorldViews Assignment Editor Max Rosenthal: 

We’re very happy to announce that Jason Rezaian is returning to the newsroom to join the WorldViews team as a staff writer.

For reasons that require little explanation, this is a moment for celebration. Jason joined The Post in 2012 as a correspondent in Iran, but his life was upended when he was detained and then unjustly imprisoned by an Iranian government that held him for 18 months in Iran’s most notorious prison. He was finally released on Jan. 17, 2016 – two years ago today – and has spent time as a Nieman fellow at Harvard University and a Terker fellow at George Washington University’s School of Media & Public Affairs, while also working on a book about his ordeal, to be published by Bourdain Books, an imprint of Ecco Press.

Jason is a natural storyteller whose passion, wit and eye for the absurd make him a logical addition to WorldViews, one of The Post’s most successful blogs. He is a graduate of the New School’s Eugene Lang College and one-time Persian rug dealer who began his career in journalism freelancing from Iran. Jason and his wife Yeganeh now live in the District. He’ll be back to work on Jan. 22.