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Karen Tumulty to join The Washington Post Opinions section as columnist

The Washington Post has named Karen Tumulty a columnist for the Opinions section. Tumulty has been a political correspondent for The Post since 2010. She has covered the White House, Congress and eight presidential campaigns. Starting February 5, she will write a reported column on national politics.

“I’m thrilled that Karen, one of the most revered and astute political reporters, will be bringing her perspective to the Opinions section,” said Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt. “A reporter who has covered campaigns across the country, and broken stories from Capitol Hill and the White House, Karen will write a column that gives readers a greater understanding of the landscape of politics in Washington and beyond.”

Tumulty has been lauded for her ground level insight into U.S. politics and her compelling profiles of elected officials. She received the Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting in 2014. She joined The Post from TIME Magazine where she worked as a congressional correspondent and White House correspondent for more than 15 years. Tumulty is currently working on a biography of Nancy Reagan for Simon & Schuster.