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The Washington Post launches custom story presentation with Google’s AMP Stories

The Washington Post today announced it is one of the first publishers to partner with Google using its open source technology, AMP Stories, to give readers a much more visual entry point to Post coverage. The Post’s custom stories combine original reporting, photography, graphics and video for an engaging presentation optimized for mobile.

“Building on the early work we did with Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps, we can now provide an enhanced mobile-native reading experience for our biggest audience,” said Dave Merrell, lead product manager at The Post. “We look forward to producing even more custom visual stories to better serve our mobile readers.”

Displayed in a series of slides, The Post’s AMP Stories feature a large photo presentation, captivating graphics and video. Readers can tap through the experience and a visual indicator at the top of the story shows their progress. At the end of the story, readers are presented with related content, including other visual stories.

“Some of the most highly engaging stories are the most visually compelling, and this format allows us to showcase our journalism when there are multiple elements we want to bring together,” said Greg Manifold, design director at The Post. “We’re transforming the storytelling experience to delight readers who are increasingly visually-oriented when consuming information.”

Readers can discover AMP Stories on the Post site and on mobile in Google search results.