The Washington Post today launched Voraciously, a new destination from Post Food that will give novice cooks the tools needed to prepare meals confidently. Adding to the Post’s award-winning food coverage, Voraciously will feature a “Dinner-in-Minutes” interactive pantry, videos, guides for basic kitchen skills, essential recipes and more.

“People on social media are constantly exposed to pristine food photography and videos, but when it comes to actually empowering them to cook, there’s a disconnect,” said Joe Yonan, food and dining editor for The Post. “Voraciously aims to provide cooking novices with the resources they need to prepare quality meals through visually enticing elements such as simple, sharable recipes, kitchen tips and tricks and more consumer-focused content.”

Voraciously will include the following:

  • Weekly email series. Written by cookbook author and food blogger Jennifer Farley, this email series will include weekly newsletters that will teach readers basic cooking skills – from cutting an onion to pairing flavors – and put those skills to use with a weekly recipe. By Week 12, readers will have a full menu and the knowledge to host a casual dinner party with friends.
  • Dinner-in-Minutes recipe columns. Post deputy food and recipes editor Bonnie Benwick has revamped this weekly feature to focus on recipes that appeal to less experienced cooks. Every recipe in the series will feature ingredients from an interactive pantry with step-by-step guided photography and clear instructions.
  • Consumer-focused stories. Each week, Voraciously will publish a host of consumer-focused stories by lead writer Becky Krystal that will provide readers with practical advice they’ll actually use in the kitchen. Topics will range from equipment tips and cooking shortcuts to how to store leftovers and make simple cocktails.
  • Trend stories. Voraciously will keep readers on the pulse of the national food conversation by highlighting news and cutting-edge food technology that chefs, restaurateurs and the average consumer alike are buzzing about.

Voraciously introduces a distinctive visual presentation style to make recipes feel more attainable. That style will carry over to Instagram, where @WaPoFood will become @EatVoraciously, the new home for beautiful, crave-worthy recipe photos and a focal platform for reader engagement.

Voraciously is sponsored by Sub-Zero and Wolf.