The 69th annual George Polk Awards in Journalism recognize The Washington Post’s 2017 reporting in two categories: a Special Award for The Post’s coverage of the Trump campaign’s Russia ties and the Political Reporting Award for the work of Stephanie McCrummen and Beth Reinhard, with the help of researcher Alice Crites, for “digging into the past of U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama to disclose on-the-record accounts of sexual assault upon a 14-year-old girl and his pursuit of other teenage girls.”

From the official press release:

Special recognition goes out this year to the staffs of The New York Times and The Washington Post for their extraordinary effort in uncovering the connection between the Trump presidential campaign and the Kremlin that led to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation. The Polk judges felt the investigative work, based on the cultivation of sources, was equally outstanding on the part of both newspapers and may play a significant role in safeguarding our democracy from foreign interference. But the important topics of sexual abuse, immigration enforcement, ecological disaster and modern-day slave auctions also gained award-winning coverage in this year’s prizes…

The winners of the Polk Awards, which will be presented by Long Island University at a ceremony in Manhattan in April, were announced at the press conference at the National Press Club. See video of the announcement.