In advance of his Hot Docs Curious Minds Weekend conversation on Saturday, March 3, Washington Post Executive Editor Marty Baron spoke with The Globe and Mail’s Simon Houpt about The Post’s subscription business model, fact-checking President Trump and more.

From the Q&A:

Your fact-checkers have determined that Trump made more than 2,000 false or misleading statements in his first year in office. How do you avoid the perception that the Post is out to sink him, when you track his – what we would call lies – so fervently?
We haven’t called them lies, first of all. We’ve called them falsehoods and misleading statements. Our objective here at the Post is to be an independent news organization. During the course of the election campaign, we provided very aggressive coverage of Hillary Clinton. We also did the same on Bernie Sanders. If the President is making statements that are untrue or misleading, we have an obligation to tell the public that. Now, if the public comes away from that saying that we’re trying to sink the President, I don’t know that there’s very much that I can do about that, other than to make sure that our reporting, overall, over time, is fair and honest and honourable and independent. And the public will come away with whatever impression they come away with. But I don’t think that it’s a smart exercise for me or anyone else who works here to be taking the measure of public opinion of us at every moment.

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